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Zen on the Highway

This morning I was driving in to work and the exit I normally take off of the interstate was blocked because of an accident, so I continued on to the next outlet which was a west exit and I needed to head east.  Thank goodness for legal U turns.  As I merged onto the two lane road, I moseyed over to the left and suddenly realized I was going to have to cross a solid white line to get in that turn lane I needed.  Out of reasonable options, I put on my turn signal and started to move over, all the while going at the stated speed limit.  Just as I was about to make my move, I spied a flash of silver and a “bat out of hell” SUV flying up that left turn lane with no intention (or capability) of slowing down.  Feeling that flashpoint of irritation at the rudeness of my fellow-commuter, I laid on the horn and then slid carefully in behind her as we approached the stop light.  I subsequently spied a well-tanned, bejeweled hand out the driver’s window, sporting that universally insulting hand gesture highlighting her middle finger.  Horrified at her progressively negative attitude, I started imagining all the things I could do to respond.  Suddenly, I spied her license plate, “ZEN”, followed by three numbers that no doubt had sacred meaning for her.  I chuckled as I wondered if she could read MY license plate with its special ZEN message framed by wildflowers.


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